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A Must-Have Legal Perspective for Marketers

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Marketers are always faced with situations that require their knowledge in a wide variety of legal aspects. While traditionally the marketing field had been left at the discretion of the marketers themselves, the advancements that have been overseen over the last couple of years have necessitated the need for such essentials. One of the most important factors that have been mentioned in this regard involves the pitfalls that marketers often find themselves in especially when dealing with communication. Social media has emerged as very important in marketing.

Important Considerations

Some of the most pertinent legal factors that marketers should be aware of include:

Privacy and confidentiality

Marketing is all about getting the word about a particular product or service to the feature. Owing to the competitive nature of the market, it has become common for marketers to seek the personal information of potential clients in a bid to make the products as closely to their needs and preferences as possible. However, the confidentiality and privacy of such information should be afforded extremely cautious consideration. The Privacy Act for instance had the effect of placing a stricter responsibility on business entities with the focus being on the marketing practitioners. Further to this, such information should only be used for the purpose for which it was acquired.

Some of the important legal fundamentals in this regard will include: taking all the reasonable measures to ensure that all the information that is of personal nature has been secured, implement as well as enforce mechanisms that are aimed at protecting this information and having a monitoring system for the same. This is especially the case when social media marketing is involved.

The concept of defamation

Marketers have often been accused of defamation scenarios. This has proven to be the end of the careers of a number of marketers on the one hand and having to settle a lot of cash in damages on the other hand. The information that has been secured and the one that is used for the marketing should be as honest as possible in order to avoid this. Some of the legal steps that can be followed by the marketers includes: collect all the evidence that may be useful in the event a suit has been filed, seek legal advice on any issue that you may have any concern for. This is particularly important as it clears any doubts and makes the process clearer.

Marketing, advertising and design

Intellectual property has evolved over the years and has emerged as one of the core legal foundations for marketers. The marketer should be aware of all the advertising laws that have been enforced and ensure that such laws are not violated under any condition. Further to this, the designs and marks that are used for the marketing process should be exclusively owned by the marketer in order to avoid violating the intellectual property laws. Further to this, ensure that all relevant permission has been sought for any activity that is to be conducted to be on the safe side of the law.

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