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How Well Do You Know Your Liquor Laws?

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The Queensland Liquor Act outlines the laws that regulate the liquor industry, alcohol consumption and licensing. As much as understanding these laws is important, it is imperative that you also know your rights.

Who can take liquor?
Anyone beyond the age of 18 can take liquor. However, if you are a minor (under 18 years), it is against the law to partake in alcohol drinking. It is also unlawful to sell liquor to minors, buy or attempt to purchase alcoholic drinks on behalf of people below the age of eighteen years. The act specifies that when you are under eighteen years old, and you are caught buying liquor the following actions can be taken;

•You can be given a formal caution.
•You can risk a fine on the sport amounting to three hundred and forty-one dollars.
•You can be arraigned in court and charged up to $2,846 if found guilty.

On the other hand, it is against the law to drive while drunk because liquor impairs your vision and correct judgment.

Nevertheless, some cases are legal as outlined in the act and they include:
An adult over the age of beer can buy a child over the age of sixteen beer or wine when doing dinner or lunch in a licensed premise.
A child over the age of sixteen can drink alcohol at home or any other private premises

Consequences of underage drinking
There are many far reaching consequences of underage drinking in adolescents. These effects include:

•When individuals under the age of 18 are caught with alcohol more than three times, they risk massive fines or arrest. Conviction from alcohol-related cases places a criminal record on their heads hence affecting their future job prospects.

•Alcohol has a devastating impact on the structure and function of their developing brain denting a big blow to their youth, proper health, and growth.
Underage liquor consumption has an adverse impact on education, drug addiction and tobacco use among the youth.

Who can sell liquor?
As per the Queensland Liquor Act since 1992, individuals or businesses require specific licenses known as the RMLV licence to sell liquor. The RMLV licence is also mandatory for companies that sell liquor. There are various licenses depending on the type of business in operation. Liquor licenses available in Queensland include:

•Subsidiary on-premise license when selling alcohol is just a secondary function of your business. It includes restaurants, cafes, theaters, amusement parks and training institutions among others.

•Subsidiary off-premise license for businesses that deal with alcohol as a secondary function including florists among others.

•Bar license when it is the primary function of your business.

•Producer license when it is the primary purpose of your enterprise such as production and wholesale.

•It is possible to sell liquor online provided that the distribution and alcohol sales happen outside Queensland provided that the proper liquor licenses are available.
Where can liquor be drunk (in private and in public)?

There are many places where alcohol can be taken including restaurants, bars, hotels and recreational parks among others. These places must have the RMLV license (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues) to sell alcohol to people.

To wrap it up, it is about time that you understand the liquor laws and your rights before indulging in alcohol drinking. Always be a responsible drinker and avoid driving after drinking. You better call a cab home!

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