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Learning to Follow Real Estate Laws

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Those who are working with a real estate agent, or who are considering becoming a real estate need to learn the laws regarding what they can and cannot do. Most of the current laws are designed to make sure that real estate agents don't discriminate against anyone. These are generally meant to be protections for consumers, so for those who interested in real estate training it is a great idea to get familiar with what laws they will have to follow during their careers.

There are several specific areas that real estate want to stay away from mentioning. These include, race, handicap, religion, family type and country of origin. These are all things that should not be discussed with potential customers, and that should not be posted in listings about a particular piece of real estate.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Some real estate agents may be surprised that there are certain requests they aren't allowed to address. They can't advertise that their property is near a certain religious institution, or that the neighborhood is mainly populated with a certain type demographic. People have to make sure that they are not unfairly discriminating against any particular subset of people. It may be advantageous to mention that the location is near certain shopping areas, but always be careful to avoid mentioning something particular to a religion. In fact, a real estate agent can't even tell a potential what the ethnic makeup of particular neighborhood is, or about the racial makeup of the area.

The Fair Housing Act

When real estate agents are advertising their property, they need to make sure that they avoid using phrases that could potentially violate the Fair Housing Act. Don't mention how particular areas might be good for single people or for those who have children. It is best to simply stick to the physical attributes of the property rather than anything about the demographics of the area. Even mentioning that this is a good area for section 8 can be something that can violate the law.

Questions about Schools or Safety

Even if there may not be specific laws against it, real estate agents who want to avoid certain lawsuits may decline to guarantee that a parent will be able to enroll their child in a certain school, or specifically discuss the crimes in a particular area. Nobody wants to end up getting sued because they promised a family their children could go to a specific school, and then a school doesn't let them in. Have a family talk to a school before they purchase the home if it is that important to them. Those who have clients who want to know more about the crime in a neighborhood should consult with the local police department instead.

These are federal laws, but many other states have their own specific laws regarding what real estate agents are allowed to do. Those who are going through a program to become a real estate agent will get specific training on this for their own state, and they will learn how they need to behave to stay within the law.

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